Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Reverting Back to Our Fishy Ways

Again this article is too good to be missed. What at first looked like a hoax, joke article turns out to be a strange phenomena in which these folks walk with all four limbs. Fairly strange, but I thought there was an interesting poker analogy here. Sometimes, although we hate to admit it, we revert back to playing poker like we did when we first learned the game and play so-called ABC poker. This in some respects can be good if involved in a low-limit or even micro-limit games because often the donks that inhabit these regions have nothing but Level 1 ideas flowing through their head and it is fruitless to attempt to bluff these folks. However if we revert to a playing style that is so by-the-book in a highly competitive no-limit game we will be easily read and exploited by the adept players around us. Interesting connection I know, but really was just looking for some reason to link this article I found on the Drudge Report.


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