Friday, March 03, 2006

The Real Gamboooolery

Those poor saps in Washington DC think we poker players are low down, no good gamblers. Well if they would like to witness some true, hardcore gambooolers, all they would have to do is flip their televisions over to NBC this week and watch some of these participants on the semi-new show, Deal or No Deal. I mean to think this gentleman last night threw away something like $167,000 on the "advice" of his 9 year-old daughter with a 3:1 shot at receiving a higher sum of money. I really think that he was about to take the banker's offer because his brothers (I think they were his brothers or at least his friends) and his mom were screaming for him to take the deal, but then Howie marches his young daughter on stage and asks her if her dad should take the money or press his luck and hope for no whammies. Well, the girl is a future no-limit star in the ilk of Tuan Le because she said to hell with the $167k, we're going for the big bucks. Thankfully for this young man he picked a case with a low $ amount and he ended receiving $250,000 from the banker instead of flipping a coin (there were two cases left) for 1/2 a million bucks. Now that my friends is gamboool, not pushing in with the second nut flush draw on the flop in a $1/2 nl game with $750 sitting in front of you. Applause to those with bigger nuts than me.


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