Sunday, March 05, 2006

Re-buy? Who me?

I'm not a re-buy type of guy, I'm a low-roller who tries to sneak up on folks which can be tough when you play the tight-aggressive style that can slip towards weak-tight at times. In any event I'm going to attempt to complete my first foray into the live blogging community in my first of many tributes to the great Dr. Pauly.

4:30pm: I buy into the $3+re-buy satellite into the LeeJones $1 Million guaranteed Sunday tourney knowing full well I'm gonna play it like a freeze-out (even though I know this is not correct re-buy strategy). I won't be afraid to get it all-in early with big draws.

4:32pm: Sweet cards Lee. Let's pick it up a bit. The best I've seen is T8o in the CO position and that ain't gonna do it.

4:39pm: still not a damn thing goin'. 86s, 74o, etc. etc.

4:46pm: I see AJo UTG and am antsy to play, raise it to 3x BB and make a continuation bet when the flop comes all rags. I work over the only doutsche clown with KJs who tries weekly to bluff me off my lead in the hand when the board comes off all blanks for both. Tough shit for him though because I read the BS in his eyes (yes this is online poker). Chipped up to T1985.

4:51pm: MP and I see AA, one limper and I conservatively bump it to 5X BB and no action. Whaaaaaa!? In a $3 re-buy? What shit. I almost limped too because the previous hand the table maniac made it 13XBB from the button but I biotched out on the "slowplay the maniac" move because I thought the limper would increase the action. No go and I'm at T2015.

4:55pm: I think I've successfully guaranteed myself no action by playing 2 out of the first 25 hands dealt. Whoops. I'll have to turn maniac in LP for a minute.

5:04pm: Q9s looked good from the CO, but with 3 limpers I try to hit a big hand and flop comes KT5 all of diamonds I fold to a bet and a raise. Very next hand get AQs and raise to 4X BB, get one caller and bet out on a KJQ flop and end up taking pot off of maniac. Fold QJs next hand to min-raise and would have won an all-in, but I don't have quite that gamboool in me yet.

5:09pm: Well that was fun. 3 hands later I get AA again UTG and bump to 4x BB and get call, call, call, call, call, raise all-in to T1400, I re-raise all-in for T2900 and get one more caller for 3 to flop with my AA against 88 and 55, so much for not getting action eh fellas? Board comes 896T8 and the maniac sends me home with quads. Would like to have seen what I could have done with about T8000 at that point when the tourney average was T4000, but LeeJones didn't want me to. What are you going to do?

Update 6:11pm: After an hour of untilt time I thought I would post the Hand History here for a couple of reasons: 1) To prove I'm not totally full of shit. 2) Any comments on the play here, or as I think this is pretty typical of maniacal play in re-buy tourneys?

Umm ok. For some reason I don't get a paste option when I right-click in the post section, so I guess I'm not posting the HH here. Anyone clue me in on how to (if at all) Copy and Paste Hand Histories or other content into these posts?


At Tue Mar 14, 12:17:00 PM CST, Blogger Jestocost said...

Try selecting the text in the original document and hitting ctrl-c. Go into the post and hit shift-insert. You may have to clean up some formatting, but that should work.

At Mon Mar 20, 09:15:00 AM CST, Blogger Randy G said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to try that when I get back to taking the bad beats. NH Sir.


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