Thursday, March 02, 2006

Links, Cubs, Hornets, etc.

I am obviously very much a newbie here but I have learned how to add some links, so I will occasionally add some links over to the write of this ridiculously cool blog (As you can see now there are links to some great poker content now: go click and learn boys and girls). Also I would like to celebrate not only the beginning of lent (yesterday), but also the beginning of another disappointing Chicago Cubs year with me listening to our exploits on MLB Gameday. For more insight into my interests in life in general, I have recently re-committed some of my time and more of my cheering exploits to the NBA and more specifically the OKC Hornets (yeah, that's right biotches, I said it) as they have recently blessed us with the first major-league sports franchise in what has been a long time coming for this great Metro area in the middle of what Charles Barkley calls, "a vast wasteland." Hmmmm, I will also occasionally mention that I drink some adult beverages, mostly Keystone when it comes to beer, and you may hear future references to Keystone that refer to my dog because that is her name and she's one of the biggest characters in my life. I'm sure I'll come up with some more, but for now this is all the BS I can think of that I would like to share now.


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