Monday, March 27, 2006

Biggest Patriots Fan in the World (Not NE either)

That's right boys and girls, my George Mason Patriots have done what Texas, Illinois, Nevada, Arkansas, Northern Iowa, UAB, and Monmouth could not. The #11 seed hailing from Fairfax, VA is headed to the Final Four and holds my March Madness Pool fate in its underdog hands. I was thrilled when they got by Wichita State on Friday to add a win to my pool total along with Texas' unbelievable squeaky win with a 3 point buzzer beater drained by Quentin Paulino to give me two teams in the Elite Eight. From there I figured George Mason had about 1/5th the chance to advance to the Final Four that the Longhorns did, but I like the rest of the nation sat and then jumped in amazement as the Patriots somehow staved off the #1 seed UCONN Huskies in OT after an improbable comeback from being 4 down with under one-minute left in regulation. I still have a chance to win eight times my Madness Pool buy-in if these Patriots can shock the world and take home a national title. Right now there is no bigger GM Patriots fan.

I'm staying away from the virtual (and real) felt for awhile as I try to shake the effects of variance gone wrong. I'm experiencing some withdrawals but have stayed away from everything but crappy freerolls that are more like lotteries with over 9000 entrants (one of which I finished 188th in when 27 of 9000 entrants moved on in the satellite). More interesting than my non-adventures in the poker world will be reading the accounts of the 6 or so from our poker blogging community that received the opportunity to participate in a charity poker tournament this past weekend at THE PLAYBOY MANSION. I can wait to get my read on.

This weekend also brought the start of another season of softball as I am currently playing in a Friday night and Sunday night league. Thankfully the Friday night league game was cancelled this past weekend allowing me and my teammates to watch the Madness that has taken place on the hardwood this March. Last night I played my first double header of the season and it has started well as we played some clueless doutsche clowns that had never seen a softball in their lives'. Two run rules and 5 Keystone Lights later I called it a night. I'll be sure to roughly document my and my teams stats/records periodically on the blog like anyone cares.


At Wed Apr 05, 08:13:00 AM CDT, Blogger Blonde said...

Keystone Light? Keystone Light!!! I can't believe they still make that stuff!!!

We used to drink that in highschool/college. We needed something to wash down the Popov vodka shots or Mad Dog. Woo Hoo!

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