Thursday, March 09, 2006

Better Prop Bets and DADAW

Well after getting destroyed in my virgin attempt at becoming a prop bet pro in the Duke/UNC game I took a step up last night during the Hornets/Lakers game. No, there was no bet on the score of the game, how many points Kobe's selfish ass would score, or how dominant (the certain ROY) CP3 would be for the Hornets. Instead me and my fellow HornetsCentral bloggers Rod4Sooners and Wooldoor Sockbat met at the local Buffalo Wild Wings to take advantage of $.50 leg night, a big screen with the big game, and attractive waitresses. Now the attractive waitresses is where the prop bets enter into the equation and Wooldoor and I went to war for a $5 prop on the over/under of one of the hot waitresses (I believe her name was Amber). Wooldoor insisted that his, "you have to look at the eyes" method of judging a woman's age was infallible and that he estimated our girl to be about 27. I quickly interjected and said she was in the range of 23-25. I received the 25 and under on the bet and was eventually proven to be the winner as she confessed she was 23 years-old.

Now to the expanding of the DAD acronym to DADAW. After the Hornets predictably gave up their 8 point 4th quarter lead to that selfish (but still skillfull bastard) Kobe Bryant and the Lakers I headed home and had a cheap Turbo S&G on my mind. The tourney started with a bang as I folded the first two hands, but found JJ UTG and did something I will hardly ever do in that situation as I limped in the pot for T20 because I had already identified a wild maniac that was directly to my left. As expected he raise to 6X BB or T120 and got one caller and I call as well and we see a flop of 252. I again play passive and check to the maniac who bets T200 and the other caller quickly folds and I estimate that the maniac will call my raise to T700, but he doesn't and I take a nice early pot. 2 hands after the JJ, I receive KK in the SB and see it all folded around to me and I put in a nice raise to 5X BB to see if the maniac will play back at me. Sure enough he calls and we see a rag flop of 852 all diamonds and I hold the K of diamonds I bet somewhere in the region of 3/4 pot and maniac quickly calls. The turn and the river blank off and I collect a decent pot and I see that the maniac was calling me down with J6o. Nothing interesting happens for a while besides we are down to the final 9 (out of 18 starting) in just 16 minutes with the blinds still at a reasonable 50/100. I stay out of the way for a while and then comes the fateful hand as I look down at the two black AA on the button. UTG and UTG+1 limp and I drool as the player to my right raise to T600 (blinds are 100/200 now) and I gladly push in my last T1800 and folds around to the Donk who calls with J8s. I am rejoicing now that I can really play after this big hand as I'll have T4000+ and a good shot at running this final table until I get that nauseating feeling when we see a flop of T9T to give this Drawing Donk and OESD. No tension to the river as the turn gives us the deciding Q and I'm eliminated in 6th place (two out of the money) because the Donkeys Always Draw And Win.


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