Monday, March 20, 2006

All Is Not Quite Lost/TO: good/bad/ugly

Well I still have a shot in my office pool thanks to the miracle Patriots of George Mason. All I need now is a showdown between the afore-mentioned Patriots and the Longhorns in the championship game and I'm gold, Jerry, GOLD. This sounds simple and yet also like it has no chance to happen, but I'm not discounting the strange and unexpected in today's NCAA basketball crapshoot world. I mean this March Madness thing has turned into a LeeJones 45 man Turbo S&G in which the guy who goes all in with J8s (this is synonymous to WSU and George Mason matching up in the Sweet Sixteen) on the first hand triples his stack and goes on to maniacally dominant the entire tourney. As you can probably surmise by the tone of this post, the poker life of this humble blogger has been solely on the wrong side of that variance curve with no signs of changing. I heretofore will take a lengthy hiatus from the game and comeback refreshed and ready to dominate in the near future.

To completely change subjects I will admit (even though I didn't list them as one of my main interests) I am a confessed Dallas Cowboys fans and have been since they sucked balls back in 1989. This weekend brought an interesting turn to our franchise when Jerry Jones took a Janet Jones esque type risk when he signed Terrell Owens to a 3 year deal in an attempt to bring this franchise some respectability and a chance to do some damage in the playoffs. As for my opinion on this issue, I feel somewhat like I've flopped the nut straight and have a redraw to the nut flush and am all in against the poor guy with only the str8, so I'm on a complete freeroll for the whole pot. Let me explain that analogy by saying I'm risking nothing as a Cowboy fan to bring in TO because our team has been hopeless for the past decade (ever since the franchise took to snorting coke as opposed to perfected their football skillz). So either TO ruins the team chemistry and we are still hopeless, ORRRRRRRRR, he dominates and turns into a choir boy at the hands of madman Parcells and the Cowboys become a legit offensive force and thus a complete team with a chance to compete with the best in the NFL.

I am thinking of starting a pool on the over/under of when TO destroys the team single-handedly and am contemplating about Week 5 right now. Let me know if you think this line is reasonable and which side of the bet you like. You fictitious loyal readers of this blog.


At Sat Mar 25, 08:17:00 PM CST, Blogger FatBaldGuy said...

I have been a 'Boys fan since I was about 10 (that would be around 1970). In the current world of the cap, TO may be the thing that gets us #6. And Vanderjagt will bring some consistency to the kicking game.

Here's hoping the team does not implode instead.


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